FMPL Board

The Friends of the Madison Public Library (FMPL) is a 501c3 incorporated non-profit organization.  Operations are governed by the FMPL ByLaws and policies and procedures developed and adopted by the Board of Directors.  The organization fiscal year starts on April 1 and ends on March 30.

Board members and officers are elected annually at a meeting of FMPL members.  The 2016-17 Board of Directors elected May 2016 are:

President:  Carol Chapman

Vice President:  Amy Pulda

Secretary:  Kathy Fahey

Treasurer:  vacant as of September 2016

Past President:  Janice Zmrazek

Directors:  Darlene Olson, Steve Betz, Caitlin Schulze, Huong Nguyen-Hilfiger, Ryan Van De Hey

FMPL also has some key volunteers:

Book Store Manager:  Marlene Storms

Volunteer Scheduling Coordinator:  Ben Lillge

Sorting Coordinator:  Christy Meuzelaar

Book Sales Co-Supervisor:  Martha Zydowsky

If you have questions for the board or about the organization, or have comments or suggestions for the board send e-mail to


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