Board Meeting Minutes–July 24

FMPL Board Meeting Mins-7-24

FMPL Board Meeting Minutes

July 24, 2013 – 5:40 pm

Madison Public Library

In attendance:  Janice Zmrazek, Carol Chapman, Kathi Kemp, Dennis Thompson, Tanya Salman, Anne Marie Jarmuz, Carol Froistad

Special guest:  Greg Mickels, Director

1)      information presented by Greg M regarding new library friendshop

Requirements of library staff

1)      that shop be properly maintained; sufficient product and kept clean

2)      that shop have consistent hours; regular staff;  display/consistent

-Library board concerns – not for profit shop – question of having paid staff vs. amount of money brought in

-question re a request for tour guides from membership of Friends to help when Central library reopens; contact at MPL, Tana Elias

-Discussion re hiring Manager for Materials/volunteers

-Question re sufficient funds to hire staff

Jenny –Foundation will be a possible source for providing means of hiring staff person for 20 hours /week; Foundation will handle payroll, etc.

Discussion re book sales– hiring-Manager for sales & coordinating volunteers;

Further discussion re recruiting volunteers for staffing shop; growing Friends group; partnering with other volunteer groups for staffing (retired persons as volunteers)

-Discussion re Foundation/help with hiring person for position of  Book Sale/Book Store manager– need to post – need job description; duties

Issues – re new hire – hourly employee; no benefits; unsupervised; question re number of hours to work per week

-Question re when shop to open – hope to have it open ASAP-no later than Thanksgiving; will need time to interview/hire new manager; Book Fair Oct 17-19, ’13 would be target time to have shop up & running

Motion made to explore the possibility of hiring for the position of Book Store/Book Sale Manager by Ann Falconer; second by Carol Chapman; motion passed

Members will begin exploration of working with Jenni, at Foundation; will work on job description; and timeline; time is of the essence

Janice will contact Jenni

Ann Falconer will work on job description

Carol Chapman – will check on how paid staff handled at other library friend’s organization

Discussion re 8 seats available at table at Library gala (9/21) sponsored by Friends Board; 4 seats will go to Board members, by lottery; -Janice Z. will have one seat of the 4 as Chair of Board; 4 other seats will be offered to membership of Friends; will be sent postcard and will indicate 1 or 2 spots needed (husb/wife, etc) and from response 4 people will be chosen to attend the gala from membership

Motion made by Kathi Kemp to adjourn; seconded- Carol Chapman

Meeting adjourned 7:05 pm

Next meeting 8/7/13, 6 pm, MPL, downtown

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