FMPL Annual Meeting Honors Friends and Library Volunteers

At the annual meeting of the Friends of the Madison Public Library (FMPL) on May 15 all library and Friends volunteers from branches through Madison were recognized and thanked for their service.  Special recognition was afforded to the following individuals, nominated by their librarian or Friends group for their volunteer efforts:

Ashman – Paula Berg and Gisele Gosset.   For more than a year Mrs. Berg and Ms. Gosset, grandmother and granddaughter, have come in each week to water and care for the for the plants at the library, many of which were donated when the library opened.   Under their care the plants have thrived, which makes the reading areas welcoming and humane by providing greenery for patrons to enjoy.  Ms. Gosset is a student at Queen of Peace Elementary School and. Mrs. Berg is a west Madison resident.

Central Rosemary Johnson.  Rosemary has been a long-time FMPL member, helping with mailings every year, faithfully staffing the check out table Friday nights at book sales for many years, and more recently has volunteered at fundraising events for the Madison Public Library Foundation.  

Goodman South Madison – Matt Deane and Brahmi Dunis.  Matt and Brahmi have volunteered for at least 10 years (probably more!) at the library, casing CDs, straightening up picture books, and other tasks.

Hawthorne –Bob Israel.  Longtime Hawthorne Friend Bob Israel is the Hawthorne Friends’ current treasurer, and has served in that role for more than a decade. His stewardship of the Friends’ funds has helped the organization continue to support the Hawthorne Branch, including its move to the current location in 2000 and covering the costs of scores of programs for children and their families.

Lakeview – Don Bruns.  Kids coming in to the Lakeview Branch often run straight to the fish tank. Our landlord Don Bruns not only donated the tank to the newly remodeled library in 2003, but also stocked it with fish and feeds them every day. There are always surprises in the tank, courtesy of Don. Right now Cinderella, the Albino Clawed Frog, is the big hit. Don takes time to talk to the kids as he feeds the fish, making them part of it.  He may be one of the owners of Northside TownCenter, but to the families of Lakeview, he’s the fish man.

Meadowridge – Bethany Wolkoff.  Bethany, a student at Memorial High School, volunteers at Meadowridge whenever we need help with our pick list.  She’s fast, efficient and very nice to have around, great to work with and an asset to the Meadowridge branch.

Monroe Street – Shanda Kennedy and Gillian Nevers.   In addition to taking a shift on the day of the Monroe Street Library League book sale, Shanda and Gillian put in a lot of time over many weeks beforehand sorting books to get ready. Shanda also helped host the Monroe Street Chocolate Walk treat stop at the Monroe Street branch library in March.

Sequoya – Rita Emmert.  Rita began volunteering with the Friends of Sequoya in 2009 after retiring from 41 years at the University of Wisconsin Press. Her primary areas of volunteer service are shelving donated books and working at the monthly Friends of Sequoya First Saturday book sales. She says, “Through this volunteer work I have met many new friends with whom I really enjoy working with to raise money to support programs at the library.  I admire all of the hard work and long hours that that these volunteers contribute for The Friends of Sequoya Library.”

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