FMPL Volunteers at Bookless – January 28

If you were not able to stop in the library on January 28 for Bookless you missed a one-of-a-kind community celebration of art and the library. Several FMPL volunteers, Rosemary Johnson, Carla Delorio, Janice Zmrazek, and Norm and Darlene Olson, were kept very busy at the Welcome table for Bookless, Part 1, the Family Free For All from 10-2. It was great fun for the nearly 2000 people who attended – there were many positive comments collected as people left the event, pleased and astonished at what they had seen. J. Nettleton won the drawing for a packet of art supplies donated by a FMPL member.

The event was made possible by the contributions of 100 local artists, musicians, and restaurantaurs and was coordinated by staff members of the Foundation and Library. Among the many art installations the most “fun” piece was probably the dragon lurking in the dark back corner of basement, but what was done to the Friends book store was also very interesting – with the shelves gone and glass on three sides it was quite transformed into a “Lepidoptrium”.

More than 2000 more people attended the evening Party in the Stacks, and about $27,000 was raised by the Foundation as part of the campaign for building the new library. See many photos of the event on the Foundation web site.

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