Board Minutes January 24, 2011

Friends of the Madison Public Library
Draft Board Meeting Minutes
January 24, 2011


Minutes of October meeting

  • Approved with corrections from Carol.

Book Sales

  • Mailing for February book sale will go out 1/26/11.
  • Carol has posters from bookfinder for the sale.
  • Pam is interested in helping with publicity.

Treasurer’s Report

  • We are in better shape this year than last year.
  • We received an unexpected gift from a family foundation.
  • Janice will follow up.
  • Report approved as presented.

Consideration of New Members

  • All current and potential members introduced themselves.
  • The appointment of Pam, Robert and Sarah approved.

Book Store

  • Sales are going well.
  • Need to fill two more shifts, but overall doing well keeping shifts filled.
  • We have been moving lots of books through and the communication between sorthing and store are going well.
  • Regular customers are coming in more often.
  • A dot system has been implemented to track when books come in and genres are well organized.
  • Lots of new books are coming from the library’s weeding project.
  • Allexi is contacting child care facilities about picture books coming from the library collection.
  • Pam will join bookshop committee.

Membership / Newsletter / Mailings

  • Back ground on membership for the new members. Janice is chair of membership committee. We utilize the foundation’s subscription to Razor’s Edge membership software. Janice currently writes three newsletters per year.
  • Looking for people to work on mailing.
  • This mailing will go to current and past due members totally 1000 recipients.


  • Janice will send photos from summer events.
  • New members should look at website and make suggestions about unclear elements.
  • New members will send photo and bio to Annie for inclusion in the website news.

Foundation Report

  • The FMPL donated $1000 to South Madison and will be recognized on donor wall.
  • The foundation is in the process of re-writing bylaws to reflect current committee structure.

Sales Tax

  • Carol looked into our sales permit and it lists the Friends of the Madison Public Library, not just the store.
  • It would be safer for us to pay sales tax on our entire yearly earning.
  • We will be able to suspend the permit when the library is closed.
  • Carol recommends to hold off getting a legal opinion until we re-open as laws could change in that period.


  • The next meeting will be in February at the WLA office of via teleconference.

Library Report

  • No contract yet for AT&T building.
  • The current plan is for the public presence of the temporary building to open in July and for the current building to be cleared in August.
  • Half of the first floor of the temporary building will be open to the public, it will be 1/8th the size of the current library.
  • The 6th and 7th floors will be for technical services staff and some public services staff will be re-assigned to other branches for during the interim.
  • The temporary public space will only include new materials, an internet lab, and minimal seating.
  • The foundation is looking for individuals to fund the 2011 Summer Reading Program.
  • The board approved a motion to grant the library $1000 for programming needs.


  • Annie would like to stay on the board but no longer be secretary.
  • Allexi would like to add members to the bookshop committee.

Annual Meeting

  • Deferred to next meeting.

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