Board Meeting Minutes – March 21, 2011

Minutes of the January meeting were approved as presented.

Financial Report, presented in Karenne’s absence

  • Book store is doing really well!
  • Members must be paying more money each as membership numbers are the same.
  • If there are any questions, they can be sent to Karenne


  • A mailing and renewal went out at the end of January, only 200 renewals were received.
  • Janice is working on a renewal reminder.
  • April 6th will be the next newsletter and will include information about the book sale and the annual dinner.
  • Sara is putting together an article about the book sale process to include in the newsletter.
  • This newsletter will also include thanks to the volunteers.
  • Deadline for print newsletter is Monday, April 4th to Janice.
  • Carol & Pam will attempt an electronic reminder.

Annual Meeting

  • The annual meeting usually has 40 – 50 people.
  • We will plan for Wednesday, May 18th or Tuesday, May 17th.  (May 17th is the date.)
  • All board members will bring a little door prize to give away.
  • The presentation will be about the future library plans and include one friend, one staff member and one foundation member.
  • Carol will check about the room, having a library staff member present, and a foundation member to present.
  • Janice will contact other friends groups about the honored volunteers.
  • Pam, Annie and Sara will work together for the invite, program, food, and decorations.

Book Sales

  • Date changed to April 28th – 30th, everyone please change any listings or advertisements that you do!
  • We do not have book marks for next year.
  • We will do a large sale in July, Carol will check for dates.
  • Margaret will write up a story about the books for the April newsletter.
  • Carol, Pam, and Margaret will meet on Wednesday to discuss publicity, review, promotional materials, website, etc.
  • Once the book sales stop, we will need to look into some additional membership benefits.

Library Report

  • AT&T building no longer certain and the library is investigating other options for a temporary space.
  • The current library is still booking rooms through July.
  • The plans for the library renovation are still on track.
  • Both mayoral candidates support moving forward with the library.
  • The library has contracted for a large user assessment across all branches.

Temporary Friends Space

  • Robert has looked into space for the Friends around the library to use during the renovation.
  • Hovde is willing to donate space if we pay a service fee for cleaning, utilities, etc.
  • The times the building would be open would be limited to 9-6 week days with a possibility of Saturdays.
  • The space would be available early to mid May.
  • Robert will contact foundation about sharing space.


  • Annie will update photos.

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