Board Minutes October 18, 2010

Friends of the Madison Public Library

Board Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2010


Minutes of August 16, 201

  • Allexi is spelled with two Ls
  • Approved as corrected

Future Library Plans

  • There is a meeting on December 7th at the Senior Center from 7-9 where the final plans for the library will be revealed.
  • The new library will have more space and meeting rooms with after-hours access.
  • Friends store will be near Fairchild entrance and will also have sorting and receiving space.

Temporary Library Plans

  • We have asked for storage but there will be no space for a sale or shop.
  • In the rented library space, pages will get books, there will not be open stacks.
  • The plan is to move out in June for 18 months.
  • Carol will check with a colleague about a possible rental for the Friends.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Book sales are doing extremely well.
  • September sale was slightly down but mini sales more than made up for it.
  • We may be getting close to the tax exempt cut-off.
  • We need to look into our sellers permit to determine if it is for the sales, the store, or both.  Do we need two permits?  What is the fee for our permit?  Carol and Karenne will get together to discuss the permit.
  • Carol will get a quote on a legal opinion about our tax obligation.
  • Motion carried to approve $75 for Carol’s WLA membership.
  • Our Raiser’s Edge contribution is due.  Ann will talk to the foundation about sending us a bill rather than just asking for money towards it.

Book Sales

  • Mailing for February book sale will go out 1/26/11, deadline for content is 1/12/11.
  • Carol can work with the 1/12 date to get the word out.
  • Ann will talk to Margaret and Michelle about having two sales, February for a kick off to our clean out and a big push in April.

Book Club Café

  • The date is May 3rd
  • Anne is going to recommend that this year’s Book Club Café proceeds go to the Central Building.
  • The cap for attendees is 192.

Book Store

  • Julie, Allexi, and Ann had a meeting last week to discuss confused lines of communication and everyone’s roles.
  • Annie will help Allexi set up a google calendar.
  • Allexi brought a proposal for division of labor.
  • Karen proposed that the book sale coordinator, book store coordinator and a liaison to the sorters make up a committee and that committee needs the authority to make decisions.  The committee will meeting the first week of November.
  • Allexi would still like to co-manage the store.

Mini Sales

  • Jesse joined us to report on the mini sales run by the teen group.  It was a great event and the teens gained volunteer experience.
  • Carol is going to check on the possibility of sidewalk sales at the temporary library.
  • The sales raised a total of $808.
  • Jesse will send contact information and we will send thank you notes and invite the group to the annual recognition dinner in May.

Foundation Report

  • The foundation met on September 15th.
  • The discussed changes to polies and now large un-restricted gifts will go to the new library campaign.
  • There will be no Fall Conversation and Cocktails event.
  • Interviews have begun for the new director.


  • January 21st is the deadline for the January mailing.

Annual Meeting

  • Annie and Carol will scout speakers at WLA.
  • We will discuss further at the next board meeting.


  • November 4th is the Trustees Day at the WLA Conference.


  • Carol will change the neighbors ad to book store volunteers.
  • If anyone else sees places to advertise, please let Carol know.

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