Board Minutes August 16, 2010

New Member

  • Tom Petkus, can’t make it this week but keep sending him the minutes.


  • Minutes of the June 7th meeting were approved
  • Ann will send May Annual and Board meeting minutes
  • Once minutes are approved, they will be added to the website

Treasurer’s Report – Karenne

  • Book store is doing well, membership is doing well and the book sales are up!
  • Jess could not be here to report on the Teen book sales because his baby was being born – congratulations Jesse and family – but they have made $602 in three weeks.
  • Karenne would like the book store to consolidate bank bags.  Right now each shift is using a separate bag and because we are open for so many more shifts, we are using all of the available bags.  We can still track sales per shift on paper or use plastic bags within each bank bag.  Ann will talk to Linda about how the money is currently coming in.
  • The Book Club Café made $2257.50 for children’s books at the South Madison branch.  Carol will check about book plates or a sign in the children’s collection recognizing the donation.

Director’s Information: Carol Froistad

  • Architects were here for the first public meeting and have met with staff.  The friends’ needs were mentioned.
  • South Madison is scheduled to open in October.
  • There is still not a contract for a temporary location of the Central library during renovations.

Book Store

  • Allexi is out for a while.
  • Sharon is back sorting and working in the shop, her recovery went well.
  • We discussed if it is time to re-instate the shop committee, Janice volunteered to participate.  We will use the committee to get ideas for a future shop and a temporary solution during the renovation.  The committee would meet at their discretion.
  • A motion was approved to re-establish the book store committee comprised of Ann, Janice, Allexi and representatives from the store.

Newsletter: Janice

  • A newsletter is going out on September 1st, all articles need to be to Janice by August 30th.  Electronic copies of each article will be available on the website.

Publicity / Website: Carol & Annie

  • Information for newspaper listing needs to be to Carol by 8/23.
  • We have a free webpage on, how should we use it?
  • When the website is up and current, we should publicize it.

New Building

  • In October we need to be ready to discuss what the friends will give towards the new library.


  • Interim executive director has been named.
  • There will be lots of opportunities to work with the foundation in the next year.

Approved, October 18, 2010.


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