Board Minutes July 7, 2010

Minutes from the Board of Directors meeting on June 7, 2010 – approved August 16, 2010.


  • Welcome to Darlene Olson
  • Contact information sheet passed around for updates

Youth Services Proposal: Jesse Vieau

  • Book sales every other Saturday starting on July 10th from 7am – 12pm to coincide with farmers market traffic
  • This will help to clear up backlog in basement
  • 20 teen volunteers will do advertising, sell the books, make change, etc.
  • This will need to be youth services project, not a Friends project, so we don’t exceed reach the number of book sales allowed by the IRS
  • Motion was approved to donate books to the Teen Services Group for summer sales

Minutes: May 13, 2010

  • Tabled (who took notes at the Annual Meeting in May?)

Report: Annual Meeting – Janice

  • Annual meeting went well, good food, good program, 40 attendees, everyone enjoyed it

Treasurer’s Report – Karenne

  • Book store is doing well, membership is up, still waiting on book club café check from Lakeview
  • We need to start tracking advertising expenses in the budget, even if the advertising has been donated
  • Conversation about moving money to CDs was deferred to a future meeting
  • Alexi and Karenne are working on tracking sheets for the bookstore
  • Treasure’s report was approved as submitted

Director’s Information: Carol Froistad

  • South Madison branch is on target for fundraising, it will open in October of 2010 and be four times the size of the current branch
  • Contract has been signed to update the library, planning will occur over the summer with community involvement in September
  • The library will continue to advocate for a friends shop in the design but we will need to tell the planners as well, we will also need to discuss what we need in the new shop (absolute minimum and what we desire) and prepare some talking points
  • Bids are out for temporary space, not sure of friends’ space in temporary location, may have storage, certainly no store front
  • We can still hold the February and September sales at the current location and possible an April sale to get rid of everything
  • The Grandview Commons branch is still in the capital budget

Book Sale: April 22-24: Summary

  • April earned $2080
  • Co-chairs worked out well

Newsletter / Membership: Janice

  • 300 members, membership revenue is up
  • Janice suggested that new members shadow old board members to gain experience and provide back up support
  • Janice will write up annual meeting for the newsletter and will get a copy to Annie for the website


  • The executive director of the foundation has taken a new position
  • The board is in the process of hiring a search firm to fill the position

Publicity: Carol

  • Extra publicity for mini sale
  • Need process for regular publicity, hours on website, etc.
  • Need new, higher quality posters
  • How do we want to use our neighbors listing? New board members.


  • Sharon is having surgery so no sorting for her
  • Margaret has been sorting and Nancy Findley is interested

Meeting Schedule

  • Monday, August 16th
  • Monday, October 18th
  • Monday, January 24th

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