Branch Friends

Branch Friends’ contacts:

Each of the branches of the Madison Public Library has a local Friends group that is active in providing monetary and volunteer support for projects and facility improvements at that branch. Branch Friends groups have over the years helped fund-raise for remodeled branch facilities, provided support for branch programming, helped purchase furniture and equipment that was otherwise not possible, and added special items to the branch collections.

Contact persons for each of the Friends groups are listed below:

* Alicia Ashman – Jodi Schappe
* Hawthorne – Martha Florey
* Lakeview – Barbara Karlen
* Meadowridge – Lynn Lemanski
* Monroe Street – Carol Schroeder
* Pinney – Joanne Johnson
* Sequoya – Nadine Pfotenhauer
* South Madison – Julie Yearling and MaryAnn Mayhew

Inquiries about the Friends of the Madison Public Library can be made to:
Carol Sawyer
MPL Administration

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