Who We Are

The Friends of the Madison Public Library is an organization constituted to promote and improve library services, materials and facilities for the Madison community; to stimulate gifts and bequests to the library; to provide volunteer support for the library’s programs; to raise funds for immediate and long-range projects; and to encourage the broadest possible use of its facilities, materials and services. The Friends have raised funds from dues and other contributions from members, through operation of the Friends Bookstore (a used book store in the downtown library), sponsorship of three book sales per year, and by promoting donations to the Library Endowment Fund and Library Foundation. These funds support programs, services and collection development at all Madison library locations. The Friends also provide volunteer support, advocate for the library, and annually recognize Friends and library volunteers.

How We Help the Library

The Friends of the Madison Public Library have made a pledge of $100,000 to the Library Foundation toward the building and furnishing of the new downtown library and will be focusing attention on that goal for the next two years. In the past the Friends have made annual grants to the Library to:

  • Support the Summer Library Program, a citywide effort that aims to keep children and teens reading and learning and using their public libraries over the summer.
  • Purchase materials such as adult and juvenile reference books, books on special topics such as business, gardening or home crafts, or books in languages other than English for the collections at all branches.
  • Fund the purchase of materials in various media, including CDs, videos, books on tape, and DVDs, the newest and most popular format.
  • Support programming including library milestones and anniversary celebrations, author presentations, and winter reading clubs.
  • Provide funding for the purchase of public art pieces, furniture, and signs intended to enhance the appearance and functionality of the interior environments of the library buildings.
  • Support branch relocation or remodeling to ensure modern facilities serving all areas of the city.
A Friends-sponsored Library event

A Friends-sponsored Library event